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The top 5% of Twitch broadcasters (whales) for each game are included here, though the option to remove them was included for smaller broadcasters, and the time zone is EST. Coming under the aegis of Amazon has most certainly changed the outlook. This compares to 2.2 million reported by Twitch itself two years prior. The revenue is split 50/50 between the streamer and Twitch – with better rates for high-profile streamers to encourage loyalty. A platform on which people watch other people play videogames might once have been considered dangerous folly. Twitch Strike serves as a resource to help broadcasters pick the optimum broadcast time in order to attract peak viewership. Another analysis found that Twitch viewership numbers increased by 31% between 8 March and 21 March. Indeed, by early 2018, Twitch was outstripping MNSBC and CNN in terms of peak concurrent viewership (885,000 and 783,000 respectively). Streamers of poker games are also at advantage, on paper at least, with a mere 97 channels broadcasting to 6,814 viewers, giving us an average viewer count of 70. 24,378,223. LOVE OR HOST FT MINX CHAT DECIDES POWERED BY CASH APP | TWITTER @AUSTINONTWITTER . With an average of 5,178 channels broadcasting content from the game, however, it still ranked third, with a 5.6% average channel share. Indeed, it had been at more like 10% before VALORANT hit Twitch in early April 2020. They can also sign up to Twitch Turbo for $8.99/month. Only football (soccer) on 4 billion, cricket on 2.5 billion, and field hockey on 2 billion would be more popular. This does give us an indication, however, of the enthusiasm which hotly-anticipated new properties from revered developers can garner. Most-broadcast games on Twitch by channels, mid-April 2019. According to Stream Hatchet stats quoted in the Hollywood Reporter, hours watched on Twitch in Q1 2020 topped 3 billion hours for the first time since launch. This 2019 edition saw this figure increased to $34 million. Second-place League of Legends logged 178,021 viewers (6.4%) and 30 million hours viewed, with Twitch’s ‘Just Chatting’ section coming third on 172,699 (6.2%) and 29 million hours viewed. hasanabi. Over four million unique viewers tuned in to watch tournament content, which cumulatively weighed in at over 24 hours. What they get from that depends on the streamer, but will generally include access to various badges, ‘emotes’, exclusive chatrooms, and potentially ad-free streaming. Pursuit, formerly known as Revlo, came under Twitch’s control in December 2018. In absolute figures that’s 143 million Twitch viewers, compared to 127 million in 2019. It also inspired creativity, with a 3.3% increase in new channels – the second-biggest increase since January 2019. It is yet to be seen whether this level of interest can be maintained after the game’s release proper. France rounds out the top-five at 4%. 121816. 20.5% go on to visit YouTube after using Twitch. The number of average channels has also slowed after seeing rapid growth between 2017 (24,700) and 2018 (41,100 – 67% growth), with 2019 (49,500 – a still solid 20% growth) and 2020 (56,400 – 14%) seeing more modest growth. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. 88,481. avg viewers. By this measure, as of March 2020, Ninja comes in at 12th with an average of 43,458 viewers – so a good-sized sports stadium worth. The top-five titles alone accounted for 53.2% of viewers. If you’re a stranger to the world of the world’s largest video game livestreaming platform, then read on to see more Twitch statistics, including the latest viewing figures, demographic user breakdowns, and how Twitch shares its revenue. Twitch Partners are prominent Twitch broadcasters, who can earn a share of Twitch revenue through subscriptions to their channels (available for  $4.99, $9.99, or $24.99; or through Twitch Prime), ‘Bits’ (a virtual currency passed from viewers to broadcasters), and ads played on their the channel (the frequency of which they can determine through their dashboard). This was in the relatively early stages on enforced confinement in Europe and North America, so it is quite possible we will see greater increases logged after this point. According to Twitch statistics from the official 2017 end of year report, 124 million clips were stored on Twitch, garnering 1.7 billion views between them. The latter started life in 2007 as a single channel,  broadcasting Kan’s life live around the clock – pioneering the concept of ‘lifecasting’. Clearly the enforced social distancing measures have sent viewers back to Twitch in their droves, for some lighthearted gaming content in a difficult time. In doing so, they have become an influential force in the online media landscape. Many high-profile celebrities can be found posting on Twitch, including Steve Aoki, deadmau5, and Juju Smith-Schuster, alongside those who have made the platform their own, such as comedians Limmy and Simon Talbot. As you might imagine from a channel that normally features content of this ilk, Jesse D’s channel normally garners only a small number of viewers. DrDisrespect was also not able to hold it for long; the record was smashed by Ninja and his celebrity cadres (Drake, JuJu Smith-Schuster, and Travis Scott) at 635,000 in March 2018. To get a more contemporary picture, here are the top-10 channels in terms of highest concurrent views in 2020, as of late March, according to Twitch Stats. Interestingly, the proportion of enthusiasts is growing. This, however, was a key area of focus for the nascent company, who accordingly hired a specialist streamer to help people set up video game streaming. Non-Prime or Turbo subscribers are also a potential revenue stream for Twitch. As it stands, this seems like a slightly overoptimistic figure, though we do not know, of course, what will come to pass in the future. A indicates the channel is no longer active on the platform. On the other hand, these only accounted for 22.3% of average viewer count and 21.9% of total time viewed. Concurrent viewership records by channel + game broadcast, millions. YouTube’s mixture of a high number of viewers with a relatively low (and even declining) number of active channels means that broadcasters stand a better chance of attracting higher numbers of viewers. The early days of the coronavirus pandemic (the time of writing) saw an influx of viewers to Twitch, with average concurrent viewers increasing 12% year-on-year in March (as of midway through the month)- the biggest year-on-year increase since August 2019. This surpassed the previous record of 1.69 million concurrent Twitch viewers who tuned to Fortnite’s black hole event. US Twitch users can also earn Bits by watching ads. At this point, the number of unique daily viewers was pegged at 15 million, with the number of monthly users at 140 million. According to Twitch Stats, the best thing to stream on Twitch in terms of ratio of viewers is ‘slots’ – which encompasses a range of online casino type games. Another set of stats showed average daily hours viewed on Twitch increased from 33 million to 43 million between 8 March and 21 March. Certainly, much of this can be credited this to Ninja’s defection in Q3 2019. Certainly many a traditional television network would love to be boast viewing figures like this today…, Average concurrent viewers Twitch, 2012-2020. Alexa finds a slightly lower 2.97 pages over 5:10 minutes (both April 2020). To support their efforts in revenue generation, Twitch Partners are able to access a number of additional features – such as the ability to store on-demand recordings of gameplay for 60 days, consideration for special promotional opportunities, and channel customisation options. Yet, in this second decade of the 21st century, it would be dangerous folly to ignore the rise of Twitch. Launched in June 2016, this is essentially a form of digital tipping, made through Twitch’s own currency of ‘Bits’. Sunday and Tuesday are the best times to broadcast, due to the higher proportion of viewers and the lower proportion of creators respectively. Whether Twitch’s livestreaming format works with this remains to be seen – but as the rise of Twitch itself has proven, the future of web content is a mug’s game to all but those roundly in the know. Unique active channels: Twitch vs. YouTube Gaming Live vs. Mixer, Q1 2018 – Q4 2019. Tournament/esports channels dominate the concurrent viewership records. It is estimated that esports investment was around the $1 billion mark over 2019. He has since appeared on The Masked Singer and Ryan Reynolds vehicle Free Guy, and signed a deal with Adidas, so there might have seen something in it – though it seems unlikely he’ll be pursuing a musical career much further. It is followed by Germany on 7%, then South Korea and Russia on around 6% apiece. Year-on-year increases in Twitch viewers, 2019 vs 2020. This revenue did not all come from Twitch when we used the platform, as he also is followed by five million people on YouTube. It was founded by Justin Kan in 2011, originally as a spin-off of Tyler didn’t hold the record for long, overtaken the following month by a return to streaming from DrDisrespect, peaking at 388,000. neymarjr. The female streamer with the most followers on her channel is Pokimane with over 6.1 million followers.[1][2][3]. The former represents the more lucrative and prestigious of of the two programs. Ninja is the only individual streamer to break into the top-10 list, with the famous Drake stream. Just Chatting Twitch broadcasting is even more dense than that of Fortnite throughout the day, with a brief evening lull on weeknights. Curse was sold to gaming wiki/community empire Fandom in December, in the wake of allegations that auto plays of Twitch streams on Gamepedia were artificially inflating view counts. France rounds out the top-five at 4%. As of Q4 2019, average concurrent Twitch viewers numbered 1.05 million, compared to 0.42 million for YouTube Gaming Live. 35,000 attendees were reported for the first edition in 2016, with 2.2 million joining online. It may the biggest source of traffic, but Twitch users numbers in its home market of the US appear to be on a downward trend, with 18 million in November 2019 comparing unfavourably to 22 million a year prior, according to ComScore data. Fortnite hosts its own tournaments – the figure listed here is from the Celebrity Pro-Am Tournament June 2018, also featured in the most-concurrently viewed event listed above. Nonetheless he claims 7.7 million followers for his Fortnite-centric channel. Curse makes voiceover communications systems, game guides (including the wiki Gamepedia), and game mod platforms, around which likeminded communities of users gather. Some of the most eye-catching Twitch statistics fall into this category. Shroud, on 44,000 (167/98) in second, followed by TimTheTatMan (39,000, 130/253 – one to watch if trying to ascertain the value of a tier-3 subscription). Total Amazon advertising revenue for Q4 2019 stood at $4.78 billion, bringing the 2019 total to $14.09 billion. Russian-language content is also popular on Twitch, with csgomc_ru taking second place – albeit some distance behind TheGregf.

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