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watcher entertainment podcast

Give it a listen, butthead! Set against the backdrop of one of Mexico’s most holy days, the titular character, Macario, wants… The post Episode 144 – Macario appeared first on The Magic…, Allison, Noel, and Kate continue Streaming In Place, kicking off our journey with AMC’s short-lived Lodge 49. Star Wars The Mandalorian Chapter 9: The Marshal Review. The Cowardly Lion is of course Ryan: he is always scared and therefore constantly brave. Little do any of them know, Oz is a CHARLATAN. The Watcher Podcast The Watcher Podcast News 5.0 • 2 Ratings; Listen on Apple Podcasts. So Bad It's Good Episode 61 Part 2: BABA DOO-SOUTHERN CHARM RECAP WITH KIKI MONIQUE, TikTok's @thetalkofshame!! Today we give you advice on staying organized, troublesome roommates, and fear of time. We’re going back to the early 90s to look at Tom Cruise, Nicole Kidman, and director Ron Howard for Far and Away. Conor, an interested outsider from Ireland, asked his considerably better informed American friend Fen to explain some stuff about American politics to him. The Tin Man is Steven: the man exudes kindness but he’s maybe worried he doesn’t because he can also be a petty b*tch. Hidden narratives here’s what you do. Fen and Conor continue a three parter about branches of American government, this time talking about the significance of the Senate, and how applies to current events. Find them on twitter: Their new album The Orange […], In which Fen and Conor discuss the nightmare that is electioneering in the American political system. The film was both an intended inch toward Oscar’s embrace for Howard and a big budget romance for the recently wed stars, attempting David Lean-level grandeur with an Irish immigrant story. Fact of the Day Day Day Day Daaaay!By ZM, It’s Día de Muertos today, The Day of the Dead, and we could think of no better way to observe the occasion than to sing the praises of Roberto Gavaldón’s otherworldly parable, Macario (1960). Holidate, Come Play, The Craft: Legacy, The Donut King, Damnation, Madre, Over the Moon, Lupin III: The First. Today we give you advice on bad tippers, how to nap, and having a RBF. Conor, an interested outsider from Ireland, asked his considerably better informed American friend Fen to explain some stuff about American politics to him. Fletch's Hunt for AccomodationRadio Tinder: Celia What did someone bring to your party? Your one-stop-shop for absolute solutions, success not guaranteed. Next up is Scarlett Johansson and Colin Jost tying the knot secretly, Beyoncé's cover interview with British Vogue, Lori Loughlin beginning her prison sentence, Justin Bieber's newest documentary series, and m…, It's time for an extra long episode of Travis Bickle, because it's our favorite time of year: HELL-O-WEEN. Welcome to Here's What You Do! They are all lovely men and I’m a better person because of it. Tune in for our thoughts, then come back on Wednesday for season one, episode two, “Moments of Truth in Service.” Shout-out to…, On our milestone 200th episode, we talk about the 1985 Robert Zemeckis classic, 'Back to the Future'! Listen on Apple Podcasts. Election Night Previews, Prop Bets, and a Bizarre Atlantic Story.

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