what is the last episode of intersection

what is the last episode of intersection

Too many questions were left unanswered and too many loose ends weren’t tied up in a satisfying manner. So disappointed with this show, they decided to kill off the star and most lovable personality in this series. Six months later, a mysterious phone call results in a tragic loss, a wrongful arrest and the revelation of a long-held secret in the Karasu family. Terrible ending!! Is it a general rule for Turkish soaps to build melodramatic, intense, YUGE love sagas without letting their star-crossed lovers even KISS on the mouth, let alone have sex (even if it’s just implied)? Thank you! Also the final episodes didn’t make sense.

I knew things were going to go downhill, so rather than suffer through that, I googled responses to the series.

A conversation between murat and ali najat before the birthday party indicated that there was no existence of eylül and again between feyza and naz confessing that ali najat was never serious about anybody else before naz. I loved the series until Naz dies. Ali Nejat is shocked when he meets the company's new designer. Title: Heaving read your previous comments every body was disappointed that Naz died, however if you watch the series Ali nejat likes her but there’s no real passion there, he’s holding back and Naz seems to just fit in really well with his new family unit with Kaan. Terrible terrible!!. Nihan discovers the truth behind Naz's whereabouts on her last day. I’m beyond upset and finished watching the show. Actors were very superficial and the worst is Eylul, is she truly an actress?! If you've binged every available episode of the hit Disney Plus series, then we've got three picks to keep you entertained. Naz gets caught in the middle of everything. Neslihan must make a compromise on Umut's behalf. Seriously.

3. Finally seeing him get what he had coming to him was well worth it. I saw all 31 episodes on Netflix. Ali Nejat! Stephen Bartowski - Orion's Intersect 4. Use them better! Teeth whitener would work wonders on most of the actor’s teeth where mellow yellow is not In vogue! I realize that Turkish series can be conservative but Ali and Naz seemed ultra conservative for no reason.

View production, box office, & company info. I tell my friends to enjoy it all and the lovely leading characters until partway through Ep 20 and the roses filling her office scene! A fateful phone call leads Naz to a stranger holding dangerous information.

I definitely lost interest when they killed off Raz. Ali Nejat and Naz's relationship arrives at a turning point. “Death” of Naz didn’t ruin the show for me. A fateful phone call leads Naz to a stranger holding dangerous information. While driving on a remote highway, a man is torn between choosing to reunite with his estranged wife or taking up with his lovers

As for the English subtitles I agree, some editing wouldn’t hurt. I’d say to anyone, view only to Ep 20 (I can’t understand people believing in this story after the writers manufactured the ‘old girl-friend/1st love’ to get themselves out of a hopeless hole. They had something wonderful and real, even without the kissing, they were growing into something that last. Like many others was disappointed in 3rd series. Murat's conversation with Naz leads Ali Nejat to turn his back on something important in his life. It changed our view of Ali. After Umut does irreparable damage, Murat makes him an enticing offer. That may be the reason for Ali Najat’s monolithic expression throughout the 3rd season. The show portrays life as it is. Feyza tries to talk Ali Nejat out of his decision. Season 2 of Kordugum premiered on September 22, 2016. Black dark dull depressing each episode becomes worse than the next. A young woman takes a special interest in Enver. I was taken with the great music (also a strength in Subat but that show I cannot watch twice because of the whiny female lead). I was devastated by Ali’s character in Season 3. His character became a total jerk; his deep love for son Kaan was kicked out as well. So, it would be interesting to hear if this behavior reflects a certain Turkish/Balkan/Middle Eastern mentality or mode of behavior. I loved this show until Naz was killed off. Iʻm glad subtitles are available. The boy was a stand out for me. and not worth spending more for an additional season. Probaby have watched 250 episodes. But again it was an escape with wonderful acting – and dont get me started on Fazza-. How can Ali Nejat be engayed to Naz for the second time. He never kissed her in the mouth or nothing, that makes no sense for two people suppose to be in love. That dirty dog that did you in should get his due…..and I am not talking about her real killer… which had to be the nasty, rotten, grandfather that turned out to be the devil. very addictive the first few episodes. Did I miss something in between? I am hoping there will be a season 4 and all that we saw in season 3 was a dream/ nightmare A cute group of Hindu deities known as the Ghee Gods attend a daycare run by a teacher named Gooroo. I especially fell in love with little Kaan and Alinaget Bey for their compassionate acting. Also I noticed that Ali Nejet always kiss NAZ on her forehead or a kiss on her hand ; But, with Eylul he kissed her passionately.

Hi Sheryl They keep her dead in order to find the killer. Heck she even helped,encourage, directed Ali to a great relationship with his son and this Will not watch Season 4.

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